About the Company

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We have been engaged in providing transportation services since 1990. The company was originally named "Transport Melen" when it counted only a few employees, a dozen trucks, but a great number of ambitions and desires. We accomplished them in a few years. In 1996, the company "Agrorit" d.o.o. was founded with a registered seat in Melenci.

Today, "Agrorit" d.o.o. is an international freight forwarding company providing transportation and logistics services in the country and abroad.

Today, the company employs over 100 employees whose work and professionalism make clients satisfied and always ready to cooperate again.

Unlike large, global companies that are mostly concerned about their global clients and do not have time for small but significant issues, we approach each client individually. We are committed to and focused on the needs and requirements of our clients who are supported in terms of transport and logistics by our team of professionals offering them the best and most adequate logistics solution.